Monday, January 16, 2006

Cardiff county councils housing dept
Well ain't that the truth, yep these guy's are supposed to scrutinise the various doings of the council if you've had any problems with them, but they havent for me. They havent wanted to investigate the two goons who cut down my banners from the 'roadside furniture' in the (rodney berman's hypocrisy blog) who along with not having ID to show me, also told their leader that they were wearing yellow jackets at the time, tish tish boys not only are you a pair of facist your also a pair of liars to boot.
Not that Rodney (the leader of the council) cares or Mr. Huw Daniel or Mr. MacDonald of the Ombudsman office. They havent been willing to take written complaints as desirable but they do have a little booklet that they urge you to complain with, thats if you can understand the goddam questions.
I've had a Marie Saunders whose part of the Welsh Assembly Government tell me, Well they certainly ought to respond to written complaints Crazydave, Oh yer tell it to them baby. Well she did and they still refused to progress the complaints. So a year later you find me writing to them once again asking can you tell me why after the Marie Saunders letter you havent been in touch.
Mr. Daniel doesn't like me to much, so he writes back telling me that he told me that the rent revenue account is no business of the ombudsman and that why would I expect him to reply, well Huw dude its because of all those other issues you've failed to act upon, like the lying goons like the shirty letter from a Samantha davies of the housing dept. telling me this and that complaint has been made against me all of which were a load of tosh, Cardiff County Councils housing officers really ought to have their butts kicked, but in good time in good time.
I went to my MP office on the 2nd of December 05 and handed them the complaint letter from good ole Samantha apparently they've had dealings with her naughty naughty self before and promised me that they would notify her, but they did nothing and so I did it myself and took the copy along to Mrs. Morgan, with the question as to why her good ole boys havent lifted a finger, I've still to hear about that though and its now 16/1/06, what do they get up to Crazydave, a good question.
So on friday the 13/1/06 I e-mailed Mr. Daniel asking well what about the other stuff dude, what about all the other outstanding complaints and don't my beautiful banner just tell the truth, by the way folkes I title it (Desperate Daniels) the first time I flicked through the annual in Tesco in December 2004 I just knew I had to use it.
I've asked the ombudsman I've asked the District Audit about the senario of transferring ownership of the councils housing stock to a housing association cos in the rent revenue account they show in expenditure £30 million in rent rebates I've even got a letter from the council confirming that this figure only relates to council homes not private landlords or housing associations, and ask that they run the senario to see what the bottom line account would look like £30 million more in profits my estimate cos the government pay 95% of rents for private landlords through the housing benefit scheme and they do the smae for housing associations, but lordy lordy they don't do that for the council tennants, infact the council accountant couldn't tell me what % they get fro central government for their hosuing benefit tennants. The ombudsman wants me to believe my estimate is a 'perceived discrepancy' and the Auditor tells me it 'could be misleading' Well a council in Sunderland has done it and I would like to see their bottom line compared to what the councils were prior to the change over there.
As far as I can see here in Wales its just CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION. By all these great and so called good government depts. to fool the tennants. So that the rent levels just keep going up and up and up.
Rhodri Morgans (first minister of the Welsh Assembly hubby of my MP) has the civil servants telling me that they are happy to have a thriving private landlord rental sector, oh yeah! Cardiff County Council told me that they were paying £30 million to private landlords per year in housing benefit but now they have modified the figure to £15 million with housing associations getting the rest, that's why I queiried the figure in the rent revenue account.
Now if you check out how private landlords operate you will see that most have Estate agents looking after their properties for them so that they don't have to get their hands dirty dealing with the tennants, and so you have the estate agents fee to pay per month handling charge factored into the rent along with the landlords rent which of course has to cover their mortgage and a little on top for play money, ergop the rent is MUCH MUCH MUCH greater that it would be if it was a social landlord who ran it. Very nice for the housing professionals but the benefit receipient well they can just be grateful for free accomodation.
(Check out: Welsh Assembly the early Crazydave banners blog) you'll find the Nye Bevan banner about covers this more succinctly, the professional elite don't want any questions asked about this, they don't want anyone saying that this policy is tantamount to 'gross financial mismanagement' by our councils cos its been going on for so long, had they had any foresight they could have said well were spending this ammount of tax-payers money every year making the elite very nicely off why don't we just build new or buy in the market place so that were not having to pay out so much maybe that way we can cut down the council tax bill every year. But seems to me that theres some hidden adgenda to keep the poor poor, and the doing very nicely people doing even more nicely thank you. Creating white collar jobs that just duplicate duplicate duplicate like all those power suppliers, duplicate duplicate duplicate jobs, so that the unemployment figures are looking like their down.
THATS IT FOR NOW, this blog will be sent to the First Minister, his wife and uncle tom cobley an all, if you happen to agree with it send it to some one you know in government and ask wotch ya gonna do about this.
Love n Kisses to you all Crazydave.
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